Monday, June 22, 2015

Vacations Are Indeed a Necessity!

Hi Everyone! After an extremely stressful move and various changes and adjustments at work, I'm on vacation! FINALLY! I have 10 glorious days off and am spending six of them in Montreal visiting family and friends. So far it's going great, and I feel totally relaxed. Thank God given the amount of stress I've been under for the past few months. Any doctor will tell you that it's important to have time off to recharge your batteries whether you go away or have a staycation. My last big vacation was in Spring 2014 when I went to Poland with my Mom for almost two weeks. That was a trip of a lifetime. This year's vacation, however, is about much needed R & R and spending time with family and friends, some of whom I really don't see that often. Next year one of my best friends and I are planning (and hoping) to go to Las Vegas for three nights to celebrate our 35th birthdays! It'll be my fourth time, and I CAN'T wait! What happens in Vegas, STAYS in Vegas, baby! Going on vacation can also help you put things in perspective. I'm being reminded of what and who are important and being inspired to pursue certain goals once I'm back home in Ottawa. I want to make this year one of exciting change for myself. I'm trying to be hopeful and positive as well as pro-active. Whether you get a few days or few weeks of vacation, remember that it's important to listen to and take care of your body and mind. Take time to recharge and rest and spend time with those you love. Take lots of photos and make lots of memories. Take a nap. Chill. Go swimming. Have a barbecue. It's summer, baby! Dahlia

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