Saturday, March 14, 2015

Face Coverings are Anti-Woman!

As a feminist, I feel my blood boil that women continue to be oppressed and held back by patriarchy, sexism, and cultural bullshit. The hot debate at the moment is whether wearing a face covering or niqab should be allowed in a citizenship ceremony. I say it should NOT be allowed and agree with Prime Minister Harper that it is "anti-woman" and "rooted in a culture that is anti-woman" and "a symbol of oppression"( Whereas I don't agree with Harper on everything, I'm glad that we have a prime minister who calls a spade a spade. We live in Canada and our values say that women are equal to men and have the right to show their faces. To people who don't like it, I suggest you go back to a land that has your values. Canada is about freedom, rights, and equality not oppression. Zunera Ishaq is a Pakistani woman who wants to wear her niqab at her citizenship ceremony. Do we live in the Middle East or Canada? While she says that she chooses to wear the face veil, she admits that other women and girls are forced to wear it by their families ( Can I say contradiction? Why would you willingly choose to partake in a symbol of female oppression? Perhaps because your husband or father put you up to it? Have you no respect for yourself as a woman? If as a woman you want to promote a cause, at least have a cause worthy of promoting. Women have so much potential for great things. Sadly, many parts of the world still hold a woman back. Here in Canada though, you have choices. You are valuable and not the property of anyone. You are allowed to use your own mind. You are allowed to show your face. You are a human after all.

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