Thursday, June 10, 2021

Hi.... It's Been A While!

Hi everyone! Sorry that it's been a while.... THREE years since I last wrote a posting. Life just kind of happened, and I wasn't inspired to write anything. Now it's Covid time, and I'm still not super inspired but decided I should write something. I moved last week and am settling in to my new place. It's a bigger, sunnier, and cleaner than my last place. A blessing for sure. I kind of feel like a new me is about to be born. A new apartment and a new journey. Today I felt inspired to sponsor a child through Child Care Plus. My $41 per month will help 11-year-old Angie Annelise who lives in Guatemala have access to nutritious food and healthcare, go to school, and hear about God (soul food). I felt moved to do this and am glad I did. She and her brother are being raised by a single one, so I want to be a blessing to her. Speaking of blessings, I have so many in my life especially my mama. My best friend Becky is like the sister I never had. My uncle Johnny is a buddy as well as an uncle. My baby niece Teanna is the cutest baby in the world... but I'm biased! I have a good job and nice apartment and great friends and family. I have food to eat, and my health is alright.... could be better. Anyway, I just wanted to say hi and that I'll try to write more often. Hope you have a good evening!