Thursday, July 1, 2010

Happy Canada Day!

Happy Canada Day, everyone!

I hope you're all celebrating our beautiful and wonderful country's 143rd birthday in some form or another OR at least wearing something old, something new, something borrowed, or something red, white or maple-leafed!

Queen Elizabeth II is celebrating Canada's big day in the Capital, so make sure you have your camera on you in case you spot her!

According to an article in today's Ottawa Sun, an estimated 20,000 Canadians joined the Queen on the Hill this morning to commemorate Canada's 1-4-3 and her "home away from home."

Yesterday morning, I spoke with a nice Greek-Canadian woman who said that her friend's son had written in to Rideau Hall humbly requesting that the Queen come to his home for a BBQ. To the boy's surprise, he received a response from Rideau Hall saying that her Royal Highness had been delighted to receive his invitation but asked that he join her for dinner at Rideau Hall that night instead. Imagine the bragging rights he has among his little friends!

Whether you agree or disagree with our leaders' style of governance or believe that monarchy is archaic and unnecessary or represents honour and tradition, you must still respect those who lead our country. We live in a free, peaceful, and democratic country where both men and women have rights such as voting, education and work opportunities, and you need not fear being gunned down by terrorists or guerillas when you leave your home. We have clean water and food is plentiful. We are so blessed yet too often take this reality for granted.

God bless Canada, and God save the Queen!

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