Saturday, January 21, 2017

Sisters Unite in Washington and Around the World to March for Their Rights

Today an estimated 500,000 (including many men) women marched in Washington as did millions of women in 600 "sister marches" worldwide to protest Donald Trump's presidency and to remind him that women have rights ( They marched for liberty, reproductive rights, wage inequality, and human rights in general. Many wore pink "pussyhats" to mock the president (they were a response to Trump's 2005 Access Hollywood remarks boasting about grabbing women's genitalia) and carried signs that read: "Our Bodies. Our Minds. Our Power," "Don't Grab My P***y," "Make Empathy Great Again," "Reproductive Rights are Human Rights," and "Stop Pretending Your Racism is Patriotism" ( I have a friend who was in Washington today, and man, do I wish I could have been there with her. I support my sisters in the South against a sexist and racist bully who will do anything but make America great again over the next four years. He will divide rather than unite. He will build walls rather than bridges. It's sad that women still have to fight for reproductive and other rights in the 21st century as they did hundreds of years ago. It also makes my blood boil. As if any person let alone a man has the right to tell a woman what she and cannot do with her body. Last time, I checked slavery had been abolished a long time again. It's incredible how abortion is "wrong," yet bearing arms is alright. Sure, keep increasing military spending and going into countries that don't want you there. Like that won't bite you in the ass one day. Not. According to a Statistics Canada 2015 survey, women still only earn 82 cents for every dollar earned by men (Statistics Canada, "Table 282-0072: Labour Force Survey Estimates (LFS), Wages of Employees by Type of Work, North American Industry Classification System (NAICS), Sex and Age Group," CANSIM (2016). A sexist like Trump won't be concerned about this. Although neither is our "feminist" prime minister Justin Trudeau. One of my good friends who is black said that she doesn't want to talk about American politics for the next four years. She is sickened. Simply sickened. So am I. Make America Great Again? Oh Donald, Donald, Donald. Go back to Celebrity Apprentice, the world you know best.

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  1. So true. And to add to everything that you mentioned, DT is a thin-skinned, erratic narcissist who loves to pick fights and can't resist responding when anyone sends the slightest criticism his way. And soon – or maybe already – he will have the nuclear code.